What is Metrology?

by | Jan 7, 2018 | MetrologyEd | 2 comments

Measurements are an important aspect of our everyday life. We use measurements whenever we design, create, build or buy anything.

 What are all the things we measure?

We measure properties of things in order to describe or assess their suitability for their intended purpose.

So, here are some of the things we measure in daily life –

·         Physical dimensions – lengths, radii, area, volume etc.

·         Weight/mass of materials

·         Brightness

·         Temperature

·         Time

·         Energy

There is a scientific commonality to all measurements that are usually independent of the parameter being measured. This common science of measurement is what is called Metrology. The ability to measure correctly, easily and affordably is many times a fundamental criterion, based on which, people need to make critical business decisions.

My blog posts will focus on many aspects of dimensional metrology for mechanical engineers, spanning various verticals like Automotive, Aerospace, Injection Moulding, Medical/Pharma Device/parts manufacturing etc.

This is an attempt not only to share information and knowledge, but also to elicit readers to share their knowledge and experience, so that we can do better measurements and understand the intricacies of Metrology.