Precision Measuring Systems are an intricate class of products used in dimensional metrology. Small and medium sized intricate parts have close tolerances and have to be made to very high accuracies.

This is precisely why the Rapid-I Systems are of extreme value in the manufacture of

  • Automobile systems (engine components, fuel injection systems etc)
  • Aerospace components (such as blades that go into the engine, lighting, harness, aluminium parts etc)
  • Medical components (needles, screws and other orthopaedic components, stents etc)
  • Plastic and rubber injection moulded parts
  • Electronic parts (including printed circuit boards and other such components)

Rapid-I Systems are designed and manufactured for measuring various dimensions in 2D and 3D in the 3um accuracy range.

Vision Measuring Systems

Camera-based, PC-connected high precision inspection systems for a wide variety of measurement capabilities.



Coordinate Measuring Machines for shop-floor applications with unmatched performance and ease of use.

Multi-Axis Systems

Measure special components with multi-axis systems, including rotary cutting tools, fuel injection components, hobs, blades etc.