Multi-Axis Measuring Systems

5-Axis Tool Inspection Systems

Rapid-I 5-Axis Tool Inspection Systems are an extremely versatile and open-ended measuring system capable of measuring a wide variety of components including rotary cutting tools, hobs and other 3-d components. It has a unique capability of eliminating errors due to imperfect holding of components on the machine’s spindle. An all-steel construction allows for consistent and temperature independent measurement capability. Video resolution of 1.8um and movement resolution of 0.5 um gives true accuracies of 3 um volumetrically.

4-Axis CNC Hob Checking Systems

India’s first CNC-enabled gear-hob regrinding inspection system has been developed in-house. With a precision spindle capable of rotational resolutions of 1.9″, movement resolution of 0.5 um and Renishaw’s TP20 probes, Rapid-I systems can measure straight and helical hobs for regrinding parameters including Form/Position, Pitch and Lead errors.