Precision Measuring Systems


Sheet Metal Measurements with Rapid-I

Comprehensive Geometric toolset for complete measurements

Rapid-I comes standard with complete basic geometry tools, as well as virtual geometries such as parallel lines, tangents, circle tangent to lines/arcs etc. This facilitates quick and easy measurements of small and medium-sized sheet metal components widely used in a variety of industries.

With the intelligent measurement mode, graphically measure diameters, angles, pitches, and errors in the component.

Seamless CAD integration

Overlay 1:1 DXF drawings directly on component at 67X to visualise deviations from original design. Measure deviations on-screen with the Digital Micrometer tool and take corrective action.

Reverse engineer drawings for components you want to make and don’t have the tooling ready. This is quick and easy with Rapid-I’s unique FasTrace tool.

Do instant measurements with the OneShot

For quick and immediate measurements, use the OneShot system for completing measurements in seconds. Just place the component (in any orientation) and click. Measurements will be completed. Use the same easy programming interface of Rapid-I software to do this.

Analyse form errors and other deviations precisely

With the scanning probe systems and touch-trigger probe systems, you can verify bending, flatness, perpendicularity etc for your components. You have the option to use exclusive touch based system or have it combined with the Vision System for complete measurements.