Precision Measuring Systems


Precision Machined Components

Sturdy machine in the shop-floor for frequent measurements

Rapid-I has a unique all-steel construction that allows for reliable and sturdy performance in the shop-floor. Rapid-I can easily be used for quick, detailed in-process measurements in your production cell. With the smallest footprint on your bench, this benchtop system can easily fit into small production areas.

Quality Assurance and Control

Use Rapid-I for your quality control and assurance purposes with customised, real-time reports, online SPC and tolerancing in Excel. Generate reports for critical parameters, visualise and quantify errors precisely and quickly and take corrective measures immediately!

Process Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Monitor process performance with networked PC running Rapid-I from your desk. Reports are generated with automatic time-stamps and Green/Red Shading based on tolerancing. Trouble-shoot manufacturing when tool chip-offs, spindle run-outs etc cause errors in geometries that result in loss of function of component (but measurements may come within tolerance limits). Overlay CAD drawing to visualise deviation during manufacturing, and correct.

Use Rapid-I for validating setup parameters for your machine tools at the start of each shift and monitor proper functioning with periodic sample measurements.

Combine with requirements in 3D with touch probe for a more complete in-process measurement solution

Does your component need 3D measurements? Use the compact and simple to use Rapid-I workstage CMM or use the multi-sensor Rapid-I Vision Measuring Systems for these applications. With a very simple programming interface, Rapid-I is simple and quick to use without any compromise on accuracy.

Operator doubles up as inspector!

Rapid-I measurement software is one of the easiest metrology softwares in the world. Just program once by doing the measurement manually and your machine operator can simply load the component on Rapid-I and click on Run. The CNC version will measure the component, and generate automated, formatted reports.

24/7 operations

Being a simple DC machine consuming less than 20W of power, Rapid-I is a low-power system. It is fitted with solid-state LEDs to prevent temperature effects from halogen lamps, and sturdy ball-screw assemblies and pre-loaded cross-roller guide-ways that give excellent accuracy and long life, you can comfortably use Rapid-I for continuous operations. Rapid-I can also be used for automating simple manual gauging operations for 100% inspection requirements.