Precision Measuring Systems


Rapid-I is big in the Automotive Sector

Measure intricate geometries easily

You can easily measure complex geometries with our complete set of virtual geometry tools. For eg., it is easy to measure angles of cones as distance measurements by drawing parallel lines at given offsets and then measuring the distance of intersection points of edges from the axes or other reference shapes. This is easily automated during program run.

Easy Programming for repetitive measurements

Rapid-I has an extremely easy programming interface for doing repetitive measurements. Just do the measurement once manually, and then click on Build, give a name and you get your programs ready! The number of programs you can build is virtually unlimited. The programs come up in a scrollable list from which you double click to load. Go to the home position on the component, and click on Run. The CNC version of Rapid-I will automatically go around the component, and complete the measurements for you.

High Volume Measurements with Online Statistical Process Control

If you want to do 100% inspections or measure at high frequencies, a simple fixture for your component, combined with programs as above will assist you in completing measurements in quick time, in automated fashion and with robustness. Rapid-I generates reports in Microsoft Excel®. There is a master template file that you can customise with your style. You can then choose the format of reports (column-wise/row-wise etc) through the Excel Report Module built-into the Rapid-I Software. This powerful Module allows you to repaginate, insert serial numbers, date, time, operator name etc. You can generate your own custom fields and titles (like Batch numbers, Machine numbers etc).

Each program comes with an individual template derived from the master template that can be further customised to harness the rich statistical toolset available to online SPC. Add statistical calculations such as average, Cp, Cpk etc into your Excel Templates, and as Rapid-I completes a measurement and writes to the report, Excel will automatically update the values. You can even insert charts and plots inside Excel that will automatically update themselves.

Variety of automotive parts can be measured

 Rapid-I is currently used by a number of major automotive components manufacturers and OEMs to ensure quality and trouble-shoot manufacturing. From critical engine components, diesel pump valves, nozzles, to brake plates, liners, to plastic switches to dashboard sheets and assemblies are measured today in Rapid-I.